Friends of Oberlin

New Documentary Film Tells Oberlin Cemetery Story


Oberlin Cemetery: Cherished Relic of Neighborhood History

Friends of Oberlin

The Friends of Oberlin organization  has released a new documentary film telling the story of one  the neighborhood’s most important  links to its past:  “Historic Oberlin Cemetery: A Hidden Jewel.” The film is a reminder that the northeast subdivision of the University Park district, Oberlin Village, was founded by freed slaves, and was a vibrant  community of artisans and craftsmen, with its own businesses, churches and schools. The Oberlin Cemetery, located behind the Interact building, contains the graves of freedmen  and their families. Many of their descendants still live in our community.

Friends of Oberlin  organizes periodic work days clearing and cleaning the cemetery. Donations are needed to fund markers, pay for location devices to identify graves, and to create paths.

For further information, or to see the film, visit
or visit Friendsofoberlin on Facebook.

Oberlin Cemetary 1 001Oberlin Cemetary 1 007

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