Home of the Month May-June 2020


Hi, I’m Dale Moody. I’m on the UPHA board, and its taken me about 1.5 years to get this post together… BUT WE DID IT. We are revamping the Home of the Month

Our first winners are Cabot and Julie Dixon at one of the most iconic and recognizable homes in our neighborhood — 2705 Van Dyke Ave.

Cabot and Julie Dixon have been living at 2705 Van Dyke for 18 years. They raised two sons in this house but are now empty nesters, which gives them a little bit more time to take care of a very large yard. The house sits on two lots, so there is more the usual amount of yard to maintain. Luckily Julie has a green thumb!

“The house was built in the early 1930’s, and to our knowledge we are only the 4th owners,” Julie said. The previous owners, Mike and Jamie Ramsey, designed an addition that includes a Master suite, and large bonus room. There was so much stone on the property, that they we able to use the same stone of the original house (known as Wake stone) for the foundation of the addition which is cedar shake. The cedar shake mades a nice complement to the old stone.
Julie and Cabot have since remodeled the kitchen, sunroom and master bath.
Julie says she was drawn to the stone of the house, and to the possibility for numerous garden areas including sun and shade.

In fact, as the numerous large trees get larger, she is worried about losing the few sunny patches where she grows vegetables. The Dixon’s have added blueberry bushes and there were already several mature blueberry bushes when they bought the property. They have put in peach trees, a fig tree, two types of grapes, and have several areas where they grow vegetables. The house has beautiful hardscaping with numerous stone walls and stone pathways. The previous owners had put in some landscaping so there are some beautiful mature crepe myrtles, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The dozens of types of flowers around the gardens are a combination of things purchased, but many of them are also things shared with Julie by her Mother who is an avid gardener, and many friends. “Sharing plants is a treasured thing for me,” Julie said. “I love looking at my gardens and remembering the friends who have given me plants. I get a lot of joy from this yard, even though it is a constant battle to keep it maintained.” Julie even has mums from her great GREAT grandmother and some Iris transplanted from a 100 year old farmhouse Julie used to live in, in Apex. (we can’t even keep succulents alive over at 2803 Van Dyke…)

There’s a lot of history around this house. It was one of the first in the neighborhood. “We’ve met the great grandson of the family who lived here for years. He brought his father by once, who grew up coming to visit his grandparents here. They have shared many historical photos, and it’s fascinating to see, and hear their stories,” Julie added

Next time your walking around the neighborhood, take a trip down the section of Van Dyke, between Brooks and Gardner to admire Julie and Cabot’s labor!

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