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Local residents founded the University Park Homeowners’ Association to preserve the quality of this unique and historic Raleigh neighborhood, while promoting reasonable and desirable growth. UPHA represents residents who live within the area bounded by Wade Avenue on the north, Hillsborough Street on the south, Faircloth Street on the west, and Oberlin Road on the east.

A neighborhood is more than a collection of houses, streets, and sidewalks. It’s also a network of people who know each other, watch out for one another and work for the collective interest of the community.

The University Park Homeowners’ Association provides this network and the opportunity for members to meet their neighbors, to learn about local issues, and to celebrate and enjoy this special neighborhood.

UPHA provides the following for its members:

  •  a community- and city-wide voice and vote on issues impacting our neighborhood
  • updates on neighborhood development and growth, zoning, and crime issues
  • fun and informative neighborhood events and meetings
  • communication regarding waste/recycling schedules, public hearings, and other items of interest via our website, Facebook page, and listservs
  • representation with city council, municipal staff, neighboring communities, and other local stakeholders
  • committees and task forces for various interests
  • quarterly newsletter with neighborhood events and social calendar
  • discounts with local businesses

UPHA sponsored events include:

Membership Meeting
Lawn Party
Halloween Party
Easter Egg Hunt
4th of July Parade
December Family Party
Neighborhood Clean-up
Candidates Forum
Morningside Party

UPHA accomplishments to date include:

  •  promoted safer crossing for Fred Olds School
  • expanded the greenway
  • supported Gardner St. Park Children’s Mural
  • spearheaded the improvements and dedication of Isabella Cannon Park
  • established and maintained relationships with local organizations and institutions (Hillsborough St. Partnership, Fred Olds School, Raleigh Little Theatre, local churches)
  • worked to establish the West Raleigh Historic District
  • influenced zoning and variance regulations
  • raised funds for neighborhood tree plantings and beautification projects
  • published “University Park:  A Walkable Community” brochure

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3 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. To my knowledge, Morningside of Raleigh is a member of this association, with Debbie Hart as the representative. I wanted to see if you could verify our membership and, if we are current members, update the contact information to remove Debbie Hart as the contact. She is no longer with the company.

    Amanda Doby

  2. Hi Amanda. This is Roland Hill on 23 Shepherd Street. We are members of University Park Association. We were wondering if you had any idea of business development plans for Hillsboro Street at the circle coming down Shepherd street? The Destruction of The homes on Daisy Street and the new building right beside the existing homes is troublesome. Do you have any access to more information? Thank you so much for your help! Roland Hill 9198219028. Also. We have a home that was built in 1937. Does anyone know the building date that makes a building or home officially historical?

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