UPHA Statement of Purpose

University Park Homeowners Association

University Park is a vibrant urban neighborhood noteworthy for its history and its diversity of population, housing stock and architectural styles. It is a walkable community, proximate to schools, shopping, entertainment, parks and greenways, churches, fire and police services. In the words of internationally- recognized urban planner Dan Burden: “Neighborhoods of the character and quality of University Park are rarely built today.”

The UPHA mission is to sustain a safe, stable, and attractive living community.

Sustaining a safe community:

  • Promote walk-ability, such as improved and increased sidewalks and crosswalks, ramps, curb cuts, bike lines, traffic-calming measures, street lighting, traffic signs and signals, and reliable, accessible public transportation.
  • Advocate for consistent enforcement of laws and codes that affect the quality of life in the neighborhood; parking, noise, leash laws, underage drinking, unsafe structures, and events that attract large numbers of nonresident people and vehicles.
  • Maintain dispensers for dog waste collection bags and to encourage responsible dog ownership
  • Encourage neighborhood resident communications and community watch organizations. Cooperate with the Raleigh Police Department.

Sustaining a stable community:

  • Support the City of Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan as our shared common vision
  • Advocate for transparent, consistent application of zoning laws.
  • Consult, cooperate and engage in dialogue with the local government and community organizations in matters that involve the interests of the UPHA and UP residents.
  • Conduct surveys, polls, forums, or other reliable methods of determining community attitudes and priorities. Make results available to decision-makers.
  • While valuing all housing that complies with the law, promote and protect single-family owner-occupied dwellings as a foundation for our community stability.
  • Sponsor and support events that strengthen our community ties and promote neighborliness.

Sustaining an attractive living community:

  •  Support and advocate on behalf of the greenways, parks, tree canopies, and sites of historic, architectural, or cultural significance in and near the UP community. Take all possible steps to protect and maintain these cherished places
  • Encourage protection and preservation of historic homes within the West Raleigh Historic District.
  • Encourage planting of trees, shrubs and gardens around dwellings and in public spaces.
  • Encourage new development that enhances diversity and offers a range of housing/work opportunities for University Park residents, consistent with the Raleigh 2030 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Encourage transportation that offers alternatives to the single occupant vehicle.
  • Advocate for human-scaled development which is considerate of the context of the surrounding single-family neighborhood.

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