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Celebrate the “O” with “Q” on May 28

The Friends of Oberlin Village are sponsoring a barbecue fundraiser Saturday, May 28th from 5 to 8 pm. Your $10 a plate donation gets you food, live music, and fun and helps preserve and honor the historic Oberlin Village, a community established by freed slaves in what is now part of University park.

You can find the party behind the Interact Building at 1014 Oberlin road, right by the historic Oberlin Cemetery. Bring a chair or blanket. And don’t forget to buy a chance on a beautiful, hand-made quilt being raffled for the benefit of the Oberlin Village project.

Help Needed Dec. 11 at Oberlin Cemetery

Forensic Scan to Start Soon

Friday, Dec. 11, from 7-a.m. till noon, volunteers are needed to help carry branches and cut wood from the back of the cemetery to the front to be chipped. The City of Raleigh is supplying a dumpster, and maintenance teams from Oakwood Cemetery and Bland Landscaping will bring expertise and tools –including the wood chipper– to clear brush and debris.
The site has to be made as clear as possible for forensic scanning equipment.   The Friends of Oberlin have been fund-raising for this project, which is intended to reveal previously unknown graves in the old African-American cemetery, and finally provide reliable data about the number of persons buried in the Reconstruction-era site.

Oberlin Cemetary 1 001

UPHA Holiday Celebration Dec. 7

Save that Date! The UPHA Holiday Party is December 7


Start the holiday season off at UPHA’s annual holiday celebration Dec. 7 at the Players Retreat. The fun starts at 6:30 pm, and the PR will furnish their yummy appetizers while they last. Drinks and meals are at the members’ expense.  And yes, it’s a family event!
Bring some cash and take a chance on our annual Christmas charity raffle. You could be a winner.
Meet your neighbors. Lift a glass to our beautiful neighborhood.

We have so much to celebrate!

Congratulations Kilgore Ave., Daisy St., and Parker St.!

The Results are in.  And the Winner is….


The winner of UPHA’s street vs street competition to sign up the most households is… (drumroll)…Kilgore Avenue! Kilgore, popular with families because of its proximity to Isabella Cannon Park, had the greatest percentage of membership growth in a contest that ended October 31.

UPHA also got its very first memberships from Daisy and Parker streets during the competition. Welcome, y’all.

UPHA members from these streets will be invited to a celebration in their honor at Gonza Tacos Y Tequila later this month.

Thanks to all members who participated in the contest and either joined or recruited new members.

Halloween Fun at Cannon Park

Halloweeners show off their costumes at UPHA Holiday Party.

halloween superboyhalloween ladybughalloween donut kitty

Kitties, lady bugs, comic book characters, space travelers, and super heroes were among this year’s most popular themes at the annual UPHA Halloween Party, held at Isabella Cannon Park. Even pets wore costumes! The food and fun were a warm-up for the night’s trick-or-treating. Many contributions of food fed young appetites sharpened by games and free-form play on a beautiful, mild autumn afternoon. Mad Scientist of the Triangle conducted slime-making demonstrations that proved an immediate child-magnet.

halloween gangster halloween teenshalloween donhalloween tiara girlhalloween dad and sonhalloween knight and kittyhalloween witch girlhalloween dog

Many business contributors joined in the spirit of fun. Marco’s donated pizzas and hot wings (quickly scarfed up) and Brickhouse, Jasmine Mediterranean Bistro, Groucho’s Deli and Freshberry all provided gift coupons for the drawing. Raleigh Little Theater contributed two tickets to its upcoming show,  “A Year with Frog and Toad.” Dr. Anita Sawhney, mindful of the dental fallout from the sweet-filled holiday, distributed pediatric toothpaste. (Don’t forget to floss, kids!)

halloween girlhalloween dentist dr sawney

Halloween’s just one more reason why it’s great to live in University Park!

halloween supertothalloween batman

Draft Vision for Future of Cameron Village and Hillsborough St. to be Unveiled Oct 28-29

Draft of Cameron Village-Hillsborough St. Area  Plan About to be Presented

UP's Sallie Ricks (right) and Clodagh Bastian (standing, center) watch as Cameron Park resident George Chapman makes notes on the map during a table-top exercise.
UP’s Sallie Ricks (right) and Clodagh Bastian (standing, center) watch as Cameron Park resident George Chapman makes notes on the map during a table-top exercise.

A final draft of the Cameron Village and Hillsborough Street Small Area Plan is about to be presented to the community. It  is set to be presented in two sessions; Wednesday, October 28 from 7 to 9 pm in the Talley Student Center at NCSU, and, for the early-risers, Thursday, October 29, 7:30-9 am at Pullen Arts Center. The morning and evening sessions are the same, and scheduled in order to make it possible for residents to attend either one or the other.

Each meeting will begin with a presentation of the draft plan, followed by an open forum in which participants can ask questions and comment on ideas included in the draft plan.

The two sessions are a follow-up to workshops held last spring. The Small Area Plan –also known as the “Re-visioning Project”– was launched on a cold and rainy night at St. Mary’s School a year ago. Residents, business owners, and representatives of community institutions met with city planners and contractors to begin a process which nears conclusion with the presentation of the draft plan. The community consultation phase has included round-table discussions between the public stakeholders, numerous meetings with the community advisory board, and consultations among city planners, citizens, and elected officials, and has addressed such issues as traffic, parking, zoning, pedestrian enhancements, and concerns such as parks, building height, density, and safety.


People Get Ready…Oberlin Cemetery Nov 7 Cleanup Project

Oberlin Cemetery Cleanup Project Continues on Nov. 7

Clearing  the historic Oberlin Cemetery in preparation for thermal imaging; an ongoing project.
Clearing the historic Oberlin Cemetery in preparation for thermal imaging; an ongoing project.

The Friends of Oberlin Village invite the community to join them in the cleanup-project at the historic Oberlin Cemetery on Saturday, November 7 from 9 am till noon. The site is located at 1014 Oberlin Road, behind the Interact building. This cleanup day is the latest phase in an effort to prepare site for forensic equipment to determine how many persons are actually interred there, and where the graves lie. A recent cleanup revealed markers that had been long been hidden in the underbrush. The site is relatively large, and the work has to be done with care. Participants should come wearing long-sleeve shirts, closed-toe shoes, and work gloves. Volunteers are invited to bring tools such as wheelbarrows, small wagons, chain saws, weed trimmers, and pruners. This is a great opportunity for those who need to accumulate community service hours.

Established in 1873, Oberlin Cemetery serves as the final resting place for people who by law could not be buried anywhere else. It became an official Historic Landmark in 2013. The souls interred there include black doctors, lawyers, artisans, educators, ministers, and war veterans. There are believed to be over 600 graves, some still marked by ornate gravestones and monuments. Many of their descendants live in the Oberlin Village area, which is within University Park today. For more information about Oberlin Cemetery and the Friends of Oberlin Village, visit their website at

Volunteers take a break after cleanup work at  Oberlin Cemetery Sept. 19
Volunteers take a break after cleanup work at
Oberlin Cemetery Sept. 19