University Park Homeowners Association, Raleigh NC

Congratulations to the Parker’s for being selected as our latest Home of the Month!

University Park Raleigh

One of the oldest and most active neighborhood associations in the City of Raleigh!

University Park is a special place, rich with history and natural beauty. Our entire neighborhood is a remarkable network of green-ways, natural areas, wildlife habitats, stream bottoms, and both public and private gardens. We are a community full of interesting, diverse people and places with a number of fascinating destinations. University Park is an urban neighborhood with dynamic and engaging neighbors; Cameron Village to the East, NC State University to the South, Meredith College and State Fair Grounds to the West, and Ridgewood Shopping Center, Rex Hospital and long-established residential communities to the North.

Come visit our historic subdivisions and the unique institutions contained within our borders…

Oberlin – Freedmen’s village established by freed slaves in 1869. Latta House Historic Site, now a city park, lives in this area. (see the Latta House Fondation for more information)
Maiden-Enterprise Area – early 1900s homes of the NC State University staff and faculty.
Harris-Chamberlin – Bungalow neighborhood established in 1917, with a picturesque pocket park in the center.
Fairmont – Subdivision established in 1926 on the site of the State Fair from 1873 to 1925. The shape of the fair racetrack is preserved in horseshoe-shaped Pogue St.
Bagwell – Farmer Hardy Bagwell turned his farm into a subdivision in the 1910s. Sears and Roebuck mail order houses and others were built in the 1920s-30s between Daisy St and Brooks Ave.
Wilmont – Laid out in 1924 on the fields of antebellum plantation, Wilmont.
Forest Hills – Created from 1927 to 1938 by a number of developers, who included parks and greenways in their street plans.
Beaver Dam – The last major development in University Park, established in the 1950s.


Raleigh Little Theatre, Amphitheatre and Rose Garden – WPA-funded theatre completed in 1940 on the site of the State Fair racetrack. Modern design by W.H. Deitrick and Thad Hurd. The city of Raleigh developed the Rose Garden in 1948.

Click here to find out about places of interest in our neighborhood:

University Park Raleigh Map

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