Thomas Crowder July 4 2014

Thomas Crowder, Champion of our Community, Passes Away


Thomas Crowder

Thomas Crowder, long-time city council member for our southwest district of Raleigh, passed away on Tuesday, October 14. He was a tireless public servant who fought to create and maintain a vibrant, attractive and safe community for University Park and its neighbors in District D.

Sallie Ricks, chairman of the University Park Homeowner’s Association, said, “Thomas set an example, both personal and public, of how to live one’s life.  It’s such a great loss.”

Friends and colleagues who spent time with Thomas said that even in his last days he was fully engaged in the city’s affairs, talking and planning for a future he would not personally see. His wife Kay will fill Thomas’s seat on the city council.

UPHA’s deepest sympathy is extended to his  Kay, mother Mary, and children Rachel and Garrett.

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