Meredith Heights Z-35-13

Project Working Name
Meredith Heights

3402, 3412, 3414 Hillsborough St. (the block between Montgomery St. and Furches St.)

Rezoning Case

This rezoning request proposes apartment housing of approximately 150 units that would accommodate about 300 residents. The zoning request allows up to 5 stories and 59’ in height. Up to 4,000 square feet is designated for first floor retail, no minimum is stated; no parking is permitted between the building and the Hillsborough Street; reduced parking requirements are allowed using urban frontage, on-site parking is required.

2.18 acres, currently zoned Office and Institutional with Special Residential Parking Overlay District (O&I with SRPOD)

Request to change to Neighborhood Mixed Use up to 5 stories, Urban Limited, Conditional Use, Special Residential Parking Overlay District (NX-5 UL CU SPROD)

Noted Inconsistencies as per the Official City of Raleigh Staff Report
None noted

Staff comments note that the 2013 Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map and the Unified Development Ordinance identify this area for Neighborhood Mixed Use zoning (NX). The report also notes that “…most of the site is also within 150 feet of low- to moderate-density residential properties, which the Plan defines as an “Edge” area, and in which a 3-story height cap is recommended”.

Public Hearings
Planning Commission Public Hearing Date: 10/21/14
City Council Public Hearing Date: 02/03/15

Current Disposition
City Council will vote on this rezoning request March 3, 2015 in City Council Chambers. There will not be an opportunity for the public to speak. Reportedly, the developer’s attorney has requested that this rezoning request be denied by Council.

Construction Period

Wade Citizens Advisory Council
February 17, 2014, Presentation, no vote taken
March 25, 2014, Presentation; 92 votes against the rezoning, 1 vote for the rezoning.

UPHA Position
UPHA supports the Wade CAC vote against the rezoning as presented.

UPHA board and members may be involved in meetings with residents/neighbors and the development team to find ways to encourage development that not only has no negative impact on the University Park residents but that has positive effects on neighbors’ quality of life, property values and the larger community.


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