2811 Hillsborough SP-21-14

Project Working Name
2811 Hillsborough

2811 & 2813 Hillsborough Street at the corner of Hillsborough Street and Dan Allen Drive. Directly in front of University Towers. The current building was most recently Sakura Asian Cuisine (the old Swenson’s building).

Rezoning Case
None. As proposed, this project does not involve rezoning.

Re-development of the restaurant building on the 2811 Hillsborough Street to a 4 story building with first floor retail facing Hillsborough Street and 3 floors of apartments. Approximately 21 on-site parking spaces will be provided. The building envelope will encompass the maximum allowable building footprint for the lot allowing for a 14’ sidewalk in front and service vehicle access. A maximum of 30 units are proposed and the developer estimates approximately 66 bedrooms. The units are fully furnished.

0.575 acres are zoned: Buffer Commercial with Special Residential Parking Overly District and Pedestrian Business Overlay District (BC w/SRPOD and PBOD)

Noted Inconsistencies as per the Official City of Raleigh Staff Report
None. Does not require staff review.

Public Hearings
Does not require a public hearing

Current Disposition
Site plan approved: SP-21-14


Wade Citizens Advisory Council
Presentation – May 27, 2014
No vote required

Construction Period

UPHA Position
The developer, FMW and architect, New City Design Group made a courtesy presentation to the Wade CAC. No CAC vote was taken since the project conformed to current zoning. The UPHA notes that project appears to be consistent with the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use Map.

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