Local Development Review Committees

With our neighborhood always growing and changing, it is important to maintain an overview of planned development projects and rezoning applications so we can be sure to have input on development in and around University Park.

From time to time, UPHA will create committees (study groups) to monitor these projects. Committees consist of two or more people, and will focus on one project or rezoning application. Currently, there is not a committee slated, but if any neighbors would like to form one, contact: salliericks@gmail.com

The purpose of the committees is to gather information and to  present and make recommendations to the UPHA board at the monthly board meetings. Time commitment varies by project, but committee members should plan time for research on projects and meetings with developers and committee members as needed.

You can reach all your city council regarding any rezoning or development at:  citycouncilors@raleighnc.gov

Raleigh Planning and Regulatory Context

Raleigh’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan is our nationally acclaimed guide for quality, sustainable growth through 2030.  It incorporates a Future Land Use Map (FLUM) which “carries the same legal weight as the Plan document itself.“  This Map “provides the land use foundation for [the] Comprehensive Plan” specifying “the intended distribution and intensity of land uses over the next twenty years” with the objective of providing “greater land use predictability and transparency” and “a logical framework for future zoning and development”.

“Primary Land Use Issues” addressed in the Comprehensive Plan include providing “guidance to enhance existing neighborhoods throughout the City”, “accommodat[ing] density while respecting desired neighborhood character” and recognizing that “denser and more intense development in infill locations and near established neighborhoods raises issues of land use compatibility”.   Quotes are from Comprehensive Plan pp. 30-31

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is Raleigh’s new zoning code rewrite designed to implement our Comprehensive Plan vision. An upcoming task in that rewrite will be to replace or ’Remap’ the past code’s commercial zoning districts with new UDO mixed-use districts. City Planning staff has produced a Remapping Guide that recommends which new UDO zoning districts should replace the old ones in a manner that maintains (or somewhat improves) the existing development potential of each parcel.

Active Rezoning projects in or around University Park

Developers present development cases at the Wade CAC monthly on the fourth Tuesday at Jaycee Park Community Center.

Current Rezoning Requests can be found by Clicking HERE




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