Stanhope Center II (SP-043-11 and Z-037-12)

Project Description and Committe Report

Stanhope Center II (Z-037-12 & SP-043-11)  is a request to rezone 1.6 acres of the Stanhope Center. The Stanhope Center site is 7 acres divided into three parcels, A, B, and C along Hillsborough St between Concord and Friendly Drive, across the street from Cup-a-Joe. Parcel C, the subject of this rezoning request, is 1.6 acres along Hillsborough Street at the corner of Concord and Hillsborough. This requested amendment would increase the maximum building height on Parcel C, currently zoned for 40′ or 3 stories maximum, to a maximum height of 110′ or 9 stories. In addition, the proposal would shift the total remaining allowed residential density from parcels A and B to Parcel C. 520 residential units are proposed.

Stanhope Center is a proposed mixed use development of multi family dwelling units and an office/retail use which is zoned Neighborhood Mixed Use (NX) on the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Parcel C of Stanhope Center, at the corner of Concord and Friendly Drive is currently zoned for 40’ of height or three stories maximum.  According to the city adopted Comprehensive Plan, 3 stories is the default height for this area unless it is considered a pedestrian street or close to transit, as is this property, then 5 stories would be the MAXIMUM height allowed.  The owner of the property, Val Valentine is currently requesting an increase in height to 9 stories in order that the owner can shift the total remaining allowed density units for the entire site (Parcels A, B and C) to Parcel C.  The total site is approved for 520 dwelling units.  The applicant is not asking for additional units, but a reallocation of units over the site.

The request for additional height does not conform to the Comprehensive Plan or the Stanhope Small Area Plan, a part of the Comp Plan. The new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), approved by both city staff and the Planning Commission, also endorses the 5 story maximum for Neighborhood Mixed Use (NX).  The UDO is currently in City Council review but not yet adopted.

The adjacent Parcel B, at the corner of Hillsborough St. and Friendly Drive through a consensus process of all the stakeholders including city council approval, was recently approved for additional height from three stories to 5 stories (3 stories along Hillsborough St. with additional stories stepped back 8 feet).  Justification for the increase in height from 3 to 5 stories is the proximity to a high pedestrian traffic area and transit.

The current request for Parcel C is for additional height totaling 9 stories (3 stories with an 8 foot setback from the building face, then stepping up to the remaining stories to 9 stories height or 110 feet in total).  The applicant has said he is willing to go down to 7 stories.

The original plan for the Stanhope Small Area Plan within the Comprehensive Plan calls for the taller buildings in Stanhope Center to be along the railroad tracks along the south side of the site and along Hillsborough Street, a human-scale mixed use, pedestrian friendly streetscape of buildings to front Hillsborough Street.

The Wade CAC voted unanimously to deny the request for the 9-story proposal and subsequently made a motion which passed by large majority, that the Wade CAC could support a building that in every way, matched the building envelope and description of the recently approved building of Parcel B, which faces Hillsborough Street at Friendly Drive.  This approved building will not exceed 5 stories (3 stories at the street with additional 2 stories set back 8 feet.)

To see a project exhibit, see:
Stanhope II Project Exhibit

If you would like more information about the city staff and Planning Commission recommendations to council, please go to this site:
Then click on CP-2-12-Unified Development Ordinances Amendments
and go to page 56 for the definitions.

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