Oberlin Rezoning (Z-25-13)

Oberlin Rezoning Z-25-13

This is a rezoning case at the corner of Van Dyke and Oberlin.  Specifically at the ROI Salon site. There are two lots (815 and 817


Oberlin). Ross Massey with LandDesign has been working with the owner. There have been several meetings with neighbors, City Council and Planning Commission. The primary concerns for the neighborhood is traffic on Van Dyke and the future of the historic ROI house. We are told that laws prevent zero access unto Van Dyke, but developer is willing to make right in right out only on Van Dyke.

This case however is still in the Preliminary Site Review process. UDO has several urban development form requirements such as build to limits and frontage requirements that when required to meet these certain requirements on 815 Oberlin, it became necessary to redevelop both lots to locate a building on the corner that met the UDO.  The architect and owner are looking into the relocation of the existing house, which could be a good result if it can be relocated and used as a residence again in the local area. Architect and developer have also been working through the new UDO requirements with staff and have learned that it will be necessary for code compliance to build 2 buildings, one for each lot to meet urban frontage requirements. Ross told me they are now “back to the drawing board with our plans to address numerous code requirements of the new UDO which is a significant departure from the old code especially for an urban project. We have been working diligently with the owner and architect to prepare a code compliant plan.”

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