Hillsborogh Lofts Z-2-14

Project Working Name
Hillsborough Lofts

2504, 2506, 2508 Hillsborough St.; on the north side of Hillsborough Street between the intersection with Horne Street to the east and Pogue Street to the west. The site is between Shanghai Express and Western Lanes in what is now Two Guys Pizza, The Keg and formerly Melvin’s Burgers

Rezoning Case
Z-2-14; http://www.raleighnc.gov/business/content/PlanDev/Articles/DevServ/CurrentDevelopmentActivity.html

The project would provide additional student housing options in close proximity to NC State. The owners are requesting rezoning to allow 7 stories with a maximum height of 75’. Project provides 10% outdoor amenity on the sidewalk. The rezoning request indicates Shop Front (SH) with the potential for ground floor retail with residential units above. There are no on site parking spaces, the parking requirement is being met using 24 hour valet parking.

The site is 0.18 acres currently zoned NB with PBOD and SRPOD (Neighborhood Business retail with Pedestrian Business Overly District and Special Residential Parking Overlay District)

The owners are requesting that the zoning be changed to NX-7 SH-CU with SRPOD (Neighborhood Mixed Use 7 Stories, Shop Front, Conditional Use District, with Special Residential Parking Overlay District)

Noted Rezoning Inconsistencies
Raleigh City Planning Staff report notes that rezoning to NX-7 “… is inconsistent with the Neighborhood Mixed Use designation. The proposed zoning would allow a building intensity not envisioned for this FLUM (Future Land Use Map) designation (in the Comprehensive Plan)”.

Staff reports the project is inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan, Policy LU 5.6 because there are no buffers to adjacent properties on Hillsborough Street.

The Comprehensive Plan’s Future Land Use Map recommends heights that “would generally be limited to three stories, but four or five stories could be appropriate in walkable areas with pedestrian-oriented businesses”. Staff notes that the “Approval of a building with such development intensity potential could set a precedent for other redevelopment projects along Hillsborough Street”.

Public Hearings
Planning Commission Public Hearing original date June 3, 2014; held open through the June 17, 2014 hearing at 9:00 AM
City Council scheduled vote: June 17, 2014 and a final vote on July 1, 2014

The City Council vote at the final re-zoning hearing on June 17, 2014 yielded 5 votes ‘For’ the re-zoning request allowing 7 stories and 3 ‘Against’; a second council vote was required on July 1, 2014 and yielded the same results (Baldwin, Maiorano, Weeks, Gaylord, Odom “For”; McFarlane, Stephenson, T. Crowder “Against”)

Current Disposition
The project passed site plan review and is under construction.

Wade Citizens Advisory Council
Presentation by the developer on February 17, 2014; no vote taken

Presentation by the developer March 25, 2014; two votes were taken:

The vote regarding the rezoning request as presented: 53 votes against the rezoning, 11votes for the rezoning;

A motion to support the project at 5 stories passed 45 votes for, 6 against.

The CAC vote confirmed the majority of nearby residents’ desire for the project to follow the Comprehensive Plan and the Future Land Use Map which recommends a 5-story maximum building height appropriate for the transit corridor along the section of Hillsborough Street.  Setting a precedent for taller buildings in this area would exceed desired intensity in this area.

Construction Period

UPHA Position
The UPHA Board supports both Wade CAC votes.

The UPHA Board and members may be involved in meetings with residents/neighbors, the development team, and city councilors to find ways to encourage development that not only has no negative impact on the University Park residents but that has positive effects on neighbors’ quality of life, property values and the larger community.

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