2304 Hillsborough Z-26-14

Project Working Name
2304 Hillsborough

2304 Hillsborough Street just west of the intersection with Logan Court beside Bruegger’s Bagels. The building was most recently Hot Box Pizza.

Rezoning Case


This re-zoning request is to re-develop 2304 Hillsborough Street into a 5 story building with first floor retail and 4 floors of student housing above. Part of the second floor may have retail. Fourteen apartment units are proposed with approximately 40-50 bedrooms planned. There is no parking specifically for residents. The proposed building’s footprint will be such that none of the existing parking lot spaces at the rear of the site will be removed. The building envelope will encompass the maximum building footprint for the site allowing for a 14’+ wide sidewalk in front with service vehicle access in the rear.

Proposed Zoning
0.21 acres to Neighborhood Mixed Use-5 stories (NX-5) Shop Front, Conditional Use with Special Residential Pedestrian Overlay District (SRPOD)

Current zoning: Conditional Use District – Shopping Center with Special Residential Parking Overly District and Pedestrian Business Overlay District)

Noted Inconsistencies as per the Official City of Raleigh Staff Report
Staff has not reviewed.

Public Hearings

Current Disposition
Zoning request approved by City Council 10/21/2014

Wade Citizens Advisory Council
Presentation – initial given July 22, 2014; no vote taken
A second presentation was given 09/23/2014 and a vote taken at that time: in favor of the re-zoning request 10; Opposed 1

Construction Period

UPHA Position
The UPHA Board supports the Wade CAC vote.

UPHA board and members may be involved in meetings with residents/neighbors and the development team to find ways to encourage development that not only has no negative impact on the University Park residents but that has positive effects on neighbors’ quality of life, property values and the larger community.




2 thoughts on “2304 Hillsborough Z-26-14”

  1. My wife and I have just moved to University Park (we used to live closer to Downtown) and love the vibrant neighborhood and how active folks are in making sure things continue to improve in the right way. I was just going through the UPHA website this evening and reviewing the current Re-Zoning projects and this one caught my eye. I would be interested in learning more about the statement above “There is no parking specifically for residents.” If there is no parking for the folks who will be living in these apartments, then where are these 40-50 people going to park their cars? In the limited time since the University has been back in session, we have noticed that parking on the streets of the neighborhood come at a large premium. Just curious as to the parking plan for these residents. Thanks for the great work the committees are doing to keep us all informed about what is going on in the area.

    1. Hi Chad, Welcome to the neighborhood! This building, similar to the Saxby’s Coffee building at 2604 Hillsborough, is designed for students who do not bring a car to school or who store their car in the remote parking near Centenial Campus. Zoning along this area of Hillsborough Street exempts the first 16 residential units from providing parking for residents. This building proposes 14 units made up of 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

      Although I have not seen the agenda, I expect someone with this building’s project team to make a presentation to the Wade Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) meeting September 23th at 7:00pm at the Jaycee Park Community Center, 2405 Wade Ave. The Wade CAC meeting is open to all University Park residents (and most of Sunset Hills).

      You can also keep up with the development around town on the City’s website: http://www.raleighnc.gov/business/content/PlanDev/Articles/DevServ/CurrentDevelopmentActivity.html

      You may also find Raleigh’s zoning re-mapping project interesting given University Park’s proximity to Hillsborough Street and Cameron Village:

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