105 Friendly Z-9-2014

Project Working Name
105 Friendly Drive

105 Friendly Drive (One block south from the Hillsborough Street, Friendly Drive and Dixie Trail intersection. Near University Towers and Valentine Commons. The current building contains Johnson-Paschal Florist and Greek House Gifts)

Rezoning Case

Re-development of the 2 story flower/gift shop on Friendly Drive to a 5 story building with first floor retail facing Friendly Drive and 4 floors of apartments. No on-site parking will be provided. The building envelope will encompass the maximum allowable building footprint for the lot allowing for a 14’ sidewalk in front and service vehicle access. A maximum of 12 units are proposed and the developer estimates 48-50 bedrooms.

Re-zoning Request
0.21 acres requested rezoning to: Neighborhood Mixed Use- maximum 5 stories, Urban General use with Special Residential Parking Overlay District (NX-5-UG w/SRPOD)

Current zoning: Office & Institution-2 with Special Residential Parking Overlay District and Neighborhood Business with Pedestrian Business Overlay District (O&I-2 w/SRPOD & NB w/PBOD&SRPOD)

Noted Inconsistencies as per the Official City of Raleigh Staff Report

No noted zoning inconsistencies by Planning. The Raleigh Staff Report recommends approval of this request.

Public Hearings
Planning Commission Public Hearing- 04/08/14

City Council Public Hearing Date- Planning recommends hearing for 5/6/14

Current Disposition
Planning Commission recommendation pending; deadline 07/08/14
City Council vote: Pending

City Council is receiving letters of concerns from citizens at citycouncilors@raleighnc.gov

Wade Citizens Advisory Council
Presentation – May 27, 2014

Vote – May 27, 2014 For rezoning approval: 26; Against rezoning approval: 1

Construction Period

UPHA Position
The UPHA Board supports the Wade CAC vote.

UPHA board and members may be involved in meetings with residents/neighbors and the development team to find ways to encourage development that not only has no negative impact on the University Park residents but that has positive effects on neighbors’ quality of life, property values and the larger community.

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