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UPHA Development Survey Results

The results of UPHA’s comprehensive survey of community opinions on a variety of growth-related issues are in!  The on-line poll elicited 158 responses. They paint a complex and sometimes contradictory picture of neighborhood attitudes on some subjects, such as transit and parking, but on others, such as building height,  community opinion was clear and consistent; smaller is better.

Approximately 80% of respondents favored limiting the height of new construction near single-family homes to three stories or less. Seventy-six percent of respondents also gave a resounding thumbs-down to single structures with one long façade, preferring structures built in increments for a less monolithic appearance.   On questions regarding the pace of growth in the area, respondents were almost evenly divided between those who are satisfied with the current pace (48%) and those who think growth is too fast or too much (49%). Less than 3% desired more growth.

UPHA president Chris Herndon commented, “We had a 50% response rate from our membership and another 30-plus surveys answered by non-member residents of University Park. Nearly 20% of the residents gave us specific feedback in the comments sections. Once again, UPHA members have stepped up and spoken out. We should all be proud of the fact that our neighborhood is engaged as much as it is, and that the membership of UPHA wants to be heard when it comes to future development in our community.”

Survey results will be made available to the city’s planners and decision-makers. To see the see the complete results, click here:

Cameron Village and Hillsborough Street Small Area Plans‏

A lot of work is being done to make sure the future of our area well thought out, please go check what’s been done so far, what’s planned for the near future and take a moment to take the survey regarding Cameron Village and Hillsborough St. Areas. Two of our Board Members, Sallie Ricks and Ann Sides, have been putting in many hours working with the Advisory Committee. Thank them when you see them!

Annual UPHA Easter Egg Hunt!

Everyone in the neighborhood is invited to the UPHA Easter Egg Hunt at Pollock Place Park Saturday March 28, 2015, 10am-11:30am.

Bring a dozen plastic eggs filled with wrapped candy to hide and a treat to share. The Easter Bunny will be there for photos and to play with children.

The event is open to all children in the neighborhood.

March 2015 Home of the Month

2818 Fowler Ave

For many years 2818 Fowler Ave saw tenants come and go.  Used primarily as a college rental due to the walkability to NCSU, this once proud cottage became increasing “worn”.  Today if you drive by 2818 Fowler you would not recognize it as being the same structure.

A wonderful investor who believed in the “good bones” of the house took on the project. During the course of this project he encountered more than one surprise!  Undeterred, the finished product speaks for itself.  It is now occupied by a lovely young couple, Elizabeth and Chad Temples (and family), who really did not even know University Park was “so cool” in their words.

They look forward to walking their children to school at Fred Olds, becoming involved in the community, and making this fabulous “new” old cottage their forever home.  If you see them out on their deck stop by and introduce yourself!  They are super people!

Below are a few pictures of the before and after.  Be prepared for a shock.  It is amazing what a positive attitude, a checkbook and a few hammers can do!

An amazing transformation huh?  Hopefully these photos will inspire others to make University Park the finest collection of mid-century cottages ITB…without tearing them down.

February 2015 Home of the Month

1016 Canterbury St.; “The House Behind the Hedges”

Sara and David Wilson

This large ranch-style home, notable for its warm fieldstone façade, was built in 1941 by the Bashford Plumbing and Heating Company. It sits on four lots. At the time, Wade Avenue, Canterbury, and Dixie Trail were all dirt roads, and University Park was ”in the country.” After having several owners, it came into the possession of the Weinstein family in 1951. The current owners, Sara and David Wilson, say that “old Raleigh people” still refer to the house as “the Weinstein house.” In 1973, the Anderson family purchased the home, and they were the last residents until the Wilson couple embarked on their journey of restoration and rejuvenation.

Since March, 2011, the house has been redone literally from floor to roof and everything in between. Walls have been moved, a screened porch added, the kitchen made gloriously new, and doors removed to give this home an appealing flow from room to room. Huge windows allow sun and sky to pour into what were once small, dim rooms constructed in an era unblessed by air conditioning. Sara Wilson recalls that the new windows had to be done twice due to their size and scale.

After several years of workmen and contractors, David and Sara Wilson are finally settled into home. Their yard, screened by shrubs and trees, features a fountain and benches, inviting contemplation of a long but satisfying renovation. They love University Park.

January 2015 Home of the Month

Home of Terry and Nesha Rekeweg

The original address for 724 Rosemont Ave was 2507 Van Dyke Ave. Since only 6 feet of the property line was actually on Van Dyke, the City of Raleigh changed the address to Rosemont when the city sold the vacant lot in 1999. The slender triangular lot required a home plan that would make use of every buildable square foot.

Terry designed the home to make use of his large collection of building materials from buildings in Indiana, Habitat for Humanity reuse store, auctions, brick from a school on Whitaker Mill Road, materials from old North Hills Mall and several homes in Raleigh that had to be removed after hurricanes Fran and Floyd had flooded them. The fireplace mantle came from Granny’s house in Kentucky. It is estimated that 50% of the home was built from salvaged materials. You may notice that the windows are of several styles and different shapes.

The new home was begun in 2000 and wasn’t completely finished until 2010. I count it a good experience living in this unfinished house as my wife and I took lots of time to discuss and work on how to finish it. It is a combination of Terry’s insistent use of salvaged materials and his wife’s call for new materials. For example the foyer was first laid with 100 year old wood flooring from a church. However, this flooring did not hold up well and was eventually replaced with new white marble tile.

When we first moved in it had one finished bathroom and no finished bedrooms. It now has 3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms with 1920 square feet on 2 floors. The full basement was designed to be a 3-car garage lengthwise with one garage door. However, no cars have ever been in the garage since it has remained a workshop.

The driveway rocks came from the excavation for Triangle Town Center, and the granite porch stairs came from a building in Research Triangle Park. The round hatch underneath the chimney is a grain silo door from Terry’s childhood farm. Water is collected from the roof and is fed through the mouth of the lions head at the porch steps and eventually makes its way to 2 rain barrels. This water is used to water plants throughout the summer.

2014’s summer project was the 72 foot-long rock wall. My wife and I had taken a trip to Barcelona, which is famous for the works of architect Gaudí. I got the idea that I would try to build a rock wall similar to his work. A full dump truck delivered 20 tons of rip-rap on my lawn, which I’m sure made the neighbors wonder what was up with that. Fortunately, the wall was completed before winter and I’m grateful for all the encouragement and compliments given by neighbors in University Park. This is the best neighborhood and we are so happy to be living here.

The Cameron Village Vicinity Plan – Public Meeting

The Cameron Village Vicinity Plan

Welcomes Your Ideas

The area we live, walk, and shop in is growing rapidly. Would you like a voice in planning the future of our community? The City of Raleigh is launching a scenario-planning effort that is aimed at finding answers to some key questions about transportation and land use in our vicinity. The study area runs east to west between St. Mary’s and Chamberlain streets, and north –south from Wade Avenue to Hillsborough Street.

The kickoff meeting is scheduled for December 9 at 7 pm in the Pittman Auditorium at St. Mary’s School. Your UPHA encourages homeowners to take an active part in this project, which is likely to address topics such as Oberlin Road traffic, public transit services, and the scale and character of potential redevelopment.

For details, click

December 2014 Home of the Month

Home of Eric Zoschg & April Sellers-Zoschg

We, April, Eric, Ash &Dixie (our 2 cats), moved to Raleigh in 2012 by choice, but landed in University Park at 812 Rosemont somewhat by chance. We moved to the neighborhood from Baltimore, where neither of us is from but where we lived for many years and met. Living in downtown Baltimore, we became rather spoiled being close enough to walk to lots of shopping & many restaurants.  We hoped to find the same situation in Raleigh.

After months of searching for a house rental, we found 812 Rosemont listed for rent on Craig’s List. It seemed like a great fit immediately, so much that April flew down that weekend, to meet with the owner, Margaret Strickland. As soon as April smelled the chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, she was sold. We moved in around NYE 2012 and fell in love with the house and the neighborhood immediately.

For us there was so much to like about the house: a basement, big yard, nice flow to the downstairs living area, screened in porch and a perfect spot for April’s home office.  Also with the original structure built in 1941, we felt the house had character with plaster walls, two fireplaces, and hard wood floors.  Including the basement there are 3 levels: the kitchen, dining room, den, living room, home office and laundry room are all on the first floor with 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms upstairs.

We wound up buying the house in the spring of 2013, about a year and half after moving in. Shortly thereafter, our new tenant, Jordan, arrived with our son’s birth in June 2013. Shortly after that, we began to explore redecoration ideas. First we had the exterior of the house painted, then the interior.  The inside of the house has taken on somewhat of a southwest theme inspired by a favorite vacation spot, Taos, NM. There’s lots of turquoise and Taos art throughout, even terracotta paint on the walls.

Work to the yard came next with new sod in spots, blueberry bushes, orange native azaleas, hydrangeas, peonies, and roses- to name a few. There are additional projects on our list, but for the time being we are content to pace ourselves and enjoy the nearby restaurants, get to know the rest of the neighborhood and enjoy our favorite sports teams.  Speaking of which you may see our flags flying out front: Eric is from the Pennsylvania area and a huge Steelers fan, while April is from South Carolina and a Clemson fan.

November 2014 Home of the Month

Home of Nina Block

I purchased the original house at 2403 Van Dyke Ave in January 2010. I have lived in the Cameron Village area since moving to NC in 2006, and loved the neighborhood. It also didn’t hurt that my sister lived across the street and 3 houses down on Van Dyke Ave. My house was 950sq feet and had never been updated since it was built in 1947. The Warren family lived in the home from 1947 until 1998 when it was purchased by a neighbor who made it into a rental house.


After living there for 3 years it was time to do a major overhaul on the home. After some debate and the discovery of black mold and asbestos throughout the house, I decided to tear down the house and start anew.

I worked with neighbor Steven Ureña, of Ureña Architecture, to design my new home. I wanted a bungalow style house that wouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. The new house was finished in the spring of 2014. It is 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 2164 sq feet.

My talented neighbor Greg Readling ( designed and built one of my favorite features of the outside of the house, the big, beautiful front door.

University Park Halloween Festival

Join us for friends and fun at Cannon Park.
All University Park Residents are welcome!

Wear your favorite costume.
Bring hula hoops, skates, bikes/trikes, balls, games to play.
Plates, utensils, napkins, water provided by UPHA.
Food donations: Brixx and Jersey Mikes
Raleigh Little Theater ticket raffle!
Please bring a covered dish, or dessert to share.

What: Family Friendly Halloween Event
Date: Sunday, October 26, 3-5pm no rain date
Place: Cannon Park, at Gardner and Kilgore