Board Member Responsibilities

General Board Responsibilities

  • Manages day to day on-going tasks of the organization
  • Advises the President
  • Attends board meetings and votes
  • Makes recommendations to the Nominating Committee for successor upon termination of service to the board
  • Mentors new board members
  • Solicits neighborhood resident volunteers to assist with UPHA tasks



  • Responds to requests from the community, UPHA members, Council and city staff
  • Communicates with Council on issues of concern to members
  • Brings issues of concern to the board for discussion, UPHA members for action
  • Participates in activities and meetings representing our organization
  • With board approval, officially represents UPHA members
  • With the Treasurer’s approval, manages petty cash budget item
  • Assists the Treasurer with the proposed annual budget and the annual audit
  • Attends UPHA committee meetings as needed
  • Attends the Neighborhood and Community Committee meetings of the Hillsborough St. Community Service Corporation, Wade CAC and City Council subcommittees as needed or requested.


Past President

  • Supports, advises, and mentors the new president.
  • Advises and assists board members with various tasks and roles.
  • Checks and balances with transitions of boards



  • Produces monthly financial reports for board meetings, tax returns, and annual audit.
  • Keeps the membership list with emails current.
  • Tracks incremental payments to ensure payment.
  • Solicits merchant partners and other ways to reward our members.
  • Solicits advertising for the website.
  • Finds ways to appreciate UPHA members annually.
  • Chairs Membership Committee.


Secretary Duties

  • Takes the board meeting minutes and sends them to the board for corrections within seven days of the board meeting; resends corrected minutes three to five days before the next board for approval at the subsequent board meeting; and, posts the approved minutes to MYUPHA website.
  • Keeps and produces the monthly meeting agendas for the President’s review and distributes with corrected minutes three to five days prior to the board meeting
  • Acts as timekeeper at board meetings as requested
  • Reserves all meeting spaces for the board (monthly meetings, General Membership meeting, and others as called for by the board)
  • Handles administrative duties as requested by the board
  • As interest and skills allow, may participate in letter writing, editing, communications to council and others


VP for Real Estate

  • Keeps rezoning cases descriptions current on MYUPHA, gleaning from the city’s zoning website (this task could also be assigned to an At-large member)
  • Attends meetings to learn more about the current rezoning cases
  • Forms study teams (of University Park Residents) as needed to study rezoning cases
  • Participates in development surveys to members
  • Represents UPHA members on topics of importance regarding growth utilizing survey results
  • Speaks at development meetings on behalf of our members regarding issues of concern
  • Keeps the President and board informed of critical development issues and key meeting dates for public hearings if UPHA needs to make a formal statement for the record in person or by letter regarding the development or rezoning
  • Liaisons with the Home of the Month volunteers to ensure monthly deadlines are met; post HOM on MYUPHA website.  (HOM could fall under VP of Communications or At-large.)


VP for Community Development

  • Consults with CAC leadership for program suggestions of interest and benefit to UPHA members
  • Attends the Hillsborough and Wade CAC meetings on behalf of the board and report at UPHA monthly board meetings (could be assigned to At-large).
  • Builds relationships neighborhood churches, merchants, RLT, other organizations
  • Collaborates with the Treasurer to solicit merchant partners and advertising for the website
  • Liaisons with events planner volunteers to ensure successful neighborhood community building activities
  • Attends Hillsborough Street Service Corporation monthly board meetings and the Neighborhood and Community Committee meetings (Residential Committee)
  • Chairs Events Committee comprised of neighborhood volunteers and meets as needed


VP for Communications

  • Participates in web development and members surveys (minimum of four annually)
  • Advises regarding marketing of UPHA through social media to increase membership and community building
  • Coordinates Home of the Month (this activity could fall under the VP of Community Development, At-large, or Real Estate as well)
  • Trains board members for posting to com the HOM, the UPHA approved minutes, and other articles/information
  • Chairs the Communications Committee and schedule meetings as needed.


At-Large (three positions)

  • Assists the board officers with their responsibilities and various activities which might include HOM, Events planning, participates in various Committees, volunteer coordination, legal counsel, writing and posting for com, writes updates to zoning cases, solicits merchants for advertising and member discounts; attends Wade and Hillsborough CAC meetings

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