2022 Homes of the Month

With the reboot of the UPHA, we are bringing back one of the most popular features – the Home of the Month!

Our first featured home is Sara and Nathan Mogilski’s beautifully renovated house at 3012 Mayview Rd. Hear about their adventures modernizing their house in their own words.

This month Sara and I (Nathan) will celebrate our 19th year in our home on Mayview Road. We love where we live! We started out as a newly married couple buying our first home and are so lucky to land where we are because University Park may just be the best place to live in Raleigh!

House purchased in May 2003

Upon moving into our new place, the first thing we did was renovate the bathroom. The Smurf blue toilet, tub and vanity was not to our liking. The house was less than 700SF, but it was cozy and having a nice new bathroom was bliss.

We liked working in the yard and constantly had projects going on with the house (we still do!). Slowly, but surely, the small house we bought became our home and the neighbors around us became close friends.

Over several years, there were many changes to our yard and house. We tiered the front yard, added a running stream, a relaxing room in our attic, insulated the walls, etc. But, when our first son was born in 2012, we thought we might need to expand. Sara continued her work and I became a stay-at-home dad. From there, both of us started to plan and design our home.

We embarked on an ambitious project to design and build a home that stayed true to the style of the neighborhood while incorporating green and sustainable building principles. I came up with design concepts and Sara provided feedback. We arrived at our “phase 1” design and construction began. 

Long story short, I undertook the project and our house grew up, out and under, with an expanded upstairs, living area and basement. It features solar panels, rainwater collection in a cistern installation sub-terrain and garden that our family enjoys cultivating year-round. 

I’m excited to report there is more to come here at the Mogilski mini-homestead. While nothing is perfect, we’re always striving to do our best and create an oasis for our family and neighbors. 

We’re so grateful for our neighbors and appreciate being recognized for Home of the Month!

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