January 2016 Home of the Month

Lynn and Milos Novak, 2615 Van Dyke Ave

I was looking to make the jump from a house to a condo in 2007, and I knew that University Park was the place I wanted to land.  I was living near Cameron Village and had come to know the neighborhood through my friend, Chris Farlow, who still lives on Van Dyke Ave.  When our house had become a little too small for my husband, daughter, our dog, and visiting family members, we agonized over the decision to move out of the neighborhood into a bigger house or stay put in University Park.  We did not want to give up the proximity to our close friends, a walkable neighborhood, a relatively easy commute to my office in Cary, and proximity to many of Milos’ customers – not to mention we were married in the Rose Garden (with our good friend Chris officiating the wedding)!

We decided to stay put and expand our house.  Milos took the project on from the design of the house to the actual build.  He is the owner of Lions Home Restoration & Repair, so a project of this sort was not outside his wheelhouse. The topography of our lot makes it a bit of a challenge to add additional square footage, so we had to expand upwards.  We also created a more open concept in the original footprint of the house, which meant a total reconfiguration of the house down to the studs.  So, we moved out temporarily while the house was under construction.  A driveway was also installed, and stone terraces were built in front of the house with help from my brother-in-law while he was visiting from the Czech Republic.
We’ve been living in our renovated house since this past July and are enjoying our new space.  Milos’ attention to detail is evident throughout the house – from the built in storage to the “unseen things” that make our house energy efficient.  One of my favorite spaces in the new house is actually outdoors – the front porch.  Milos saved some of the old hardwood floors from the original house and used it as the floor for the porch.  It reminds me of the old space that we loved while giving us something new to enjoy.  In retrospect, the project was bigger than we thought, but it was worth it.  We are so glad to be back in University Park!

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