Halloween Fun at Cannon Park

Halloweeners show off their costumes at UPHA Holiday Party.

halloween superboyhalloween ladybughalloween donut kitty

Kitties, lady bugs, comic book characters, space travelers, and super heroes were among this year’s most popular themes at the annual UPHA Halloween Party, held at Isabella Cannon Park. Even pets wore costumes! The food and fun were a warm-up for the night’s trick-or-treating. Many contributions of food fed young appetites sharpened by games and free-form play on a beautiful, mild autumn afternoon. Mad Scientist of the Triangle conducted slime-making demonstrations that proved an immediate child-magnet.

halloween gangster halloween teenshalloween donhalloween tiara girlhalloween dad and sonhalloween knight and kittyhalloween witch girlhalloween dog

Many business contributors joined in the spirit of fun. Marco’s donated pizzas and hot wings (quickly scarfed up) and Brickhouse, Jasmine Mediterranean Bistro, Groucho’s Deli and Freshberry all provided gift coupons for the drawing. Raleigh Little Theater contributed two tickets to its upcoming show,  “A Year with Frog and Toad.” Dr. Anita Sawhney, mindful of the dental fallout from the sweet-filled holiday, distributed pediatric toothpaste. (Don’t forget to floss, kids!)

halloween girlhalloween dentist dr sawney

Halloween’s just one more reason why it’s great to live in University Park!

halloween supertothalloween batman

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