UPHA Survey Results

UPHA Events Survey Results

University Park residents like to listen to music  –especially if the concert is outdoors and free.  They groove particularly on jazz, folk, bluegrass, and beach music. But not too late, please!

Those are some of the results from a recent events survey taken by the University Park Homeowners Association. The survey was intended to find out what our neighborhood likes to do with leisure time, and how the UPHA and its partners can better meet the needs of the community. The on-line survey netted a solid 173 responses, and many of the respondents added specific comments that expanded on the multiple choice answers offered by the survey.

UPHA’s respondents were almost unanimous in declaring that they value the neighborhood traditions that grow out of social activities. Their answers offered support for both free and paying concerts, food truck rodeos, farmer’s markets, and theater performances. The survey responses also indicated,  however, that the UPHA community has very few late-night revelers. Sixty one per cent declared they’d prefer events that ended by 9 pm, and only 5% declared themselves “party animals.”

To read more about the survey and get details of the results, click here. (PDF, 12 pages)

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