Wondering what your neighborhood association can do for you?

Here are the ABC’s of the University Park Homeowners’ Association:

A is for Activities;

UPHA’s Christmas party, Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th children’s parade, and many more occasions to meet and have fun with your neighbors.

B is for Beauty;

UPHA protects and defends our greenways, tree canopies, parks, historic sites, and all those cherished spaces that bring delight to our senses and spirits.

C is for Communication;

UPHA publishes the website, reports on development activities impacting our community, and conducts surveys of community opinion. The survey results go to Raleigh’s decision-makers, and make our voices heard.

(However, we don’t set house colors or landscaping requirements – in fact we don’t have any neighborhood covenants to enforce. We exist to help our neighbors get the most out of our beautiful old streets and homes, to help represent our needs to power, and to make University Park a special place for generations to come.)

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