March 2015 Home of the Month

2818 Fowler Ave

For many years 2818 Fowler Ave saw tenants come and go.  Used primarily as a college rental due to the walkability to NCSU, this once proud cottage became increasing “worn”.  Today if you drive by 2818 Fowler you would not recognize it as being the same structure.

A wonderful investor who believed in the “good bones” of the house took on the project. During the course of this project he encountered more than one surprise!  Undeterred, the finished product speaks for itself.  It is now occupied by a lovely young couple, Elizabeth and Chad Temples (and family), who really did not even know University Park was “so cool” in their words.

They look forward to walking their children to school at Fred Olds, becoming involved in the community, and making this fabulous “new” old cottage their forever home.  If you see them out on their deck stop by and introduce yourself!  They are super people!

Below are a few pictures of the before and after.  Be prepared for a shock.  It is amazing what a positive attitude, a checkbook and a few hammers can do!

An amazing transformation huh?  Hopefully these photos will inspire others to make University Park the finest collection of mid-century cottages ITB…without tearing them down.

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