UPHA Oct 2014 Home of the Month

October 2014 Home of the Month

Meet Jeff Burton: 2212 Roberts Street

As a Raleigh native attending Broughton High, the Cameron Village area has always been very familiar and special to me. This fondness led me to my first purchase in the neighborhood in 1998. Since then, I have purchased, remodeled, and developed new infill construction in the neighborhood and the downtown Oakwood area for the past 18 years. Houses and projects are my passion. I am thrilled to have just completed 2212 Roberts Street here in University Park. Living in a diversified urban and walkable area has made my life so convenient.

This 1900’s-era bungalow was relocated in 1948 from a lot where the Cameron Village shopping center is now located. It was laid on a new cinder block foundation positioned on the site. The house was uninhabited and in total disrepair upon purchase. My helper and I completely disassembled the structure by hand to the 1948 foundation footprint. Fifteen new footers and piers were poured to support the new girder and floor system. New 1st and 2nd floor framing was assisted by my old building partner. Twenty Eight-foot LVL beams engineer the cantilevered top structure that houses the master suite. This was designed by Charles Holden at Oxide Architecture.

My plan is to live here with my Chesapeake retriever Brooklynn while we begin the process of building another Oxide plan created for a lot a block over on the corner of Oberlin and Bedford. I would like to thank the neighborhood and the Association for enabling me to share the property and my story.




Learn more about the construction of Jeff’s home at: http://oxidearchitecture.com/html/projects/roberts.html

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