UPHA August 2014 Home fo the Month

August 2014 Home of the Month

Home of Todd and Del Wehner

DelMarie and Todd Wehner have been interested in moving back into the neighborhood north of NC State since they met, and they started looking for houses to buy after they got married at the JC Raulston arboretum in 2012. They are the fifth owners of the house on 2504 Mayview Road, and have been working to make the house their home. The first projects were to get the garage door and basement windows replaced, and to improve security.

Del and Todd have been working on the house steadily, and have made it comfortable by now. So far, they have upgraded the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and landscape. The kitchen has been remodeled, with lighting, outlets, granite counters, plumbing, and cabinet refinishing. The attic has been made more efficient with new windows. A front porch was added last month, and has become their new favorite ‘room’.

They hope to continue adding value to the house over the next few years, but will be spending more time having fun instead of so much house renovation.

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