UPHA March 2014 Home of the Month

March 2014 Home of the Month

Home of Greg Flynn and Anita Sawhney
2826 Barmettler Street

Our house was born on 1720 Ridge Road, we believe between WWI and WWII. It was originally a bungalow with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It was moved to Barmettler Street in 1995 when a second floor was added, providing 2 more bathrooms and bedrooms. It developed more of a farmhouse style exterior.

We bought the house in 2001, immediately falling in love with the old, homey feel. The original wood floors, French windows, glass doorknobs, front porch and stone fireplace were just what we were looking for. The second floor proved a perfect complement with big master bedroom and modern bath.

With a daughter joining our family and our fondness for entertaining, we yearned for a bigger kitchen and a bedroom downstairs. Greg, an architect, designed our renovation/addition, and in 2013, our dreams finally started coming to fruition.

The renovation downstairs included opening a wall between rooms in the front to provide airier living space, and converting a clunky bathroom into a powder room. We also added a projecting window seat in the staircase area. The kitchen was expanded and renovated. The addition includes a family room, guest bedroom and bathroom, study, screened porch, deck, and garage. The modern style of the addition provides an interesting juxtaposition with the old house while blending with it. One of the biggest features cannot be seen. A geothermal heat pump system provides earth-friendly heating and cooling with three 300 foot deep wells under the rear yard.

We were very pleased with the builder, Northgate Group and cabinet makers, Eidolon Designs, both of Boylan Heights.

After a year out of the house, we are thrilled to be back in University

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