UPHA January HOM

January 2014 Home of the Month

2312 Van Dyke: Home of Kyla Block and Ian Teeson

The story of our house on Van Dyke Ave started in December of 2006 when I bought the little blue house that used to be on this lot. I lived in it with my sister for the first year until she went to nursing school.  After discovering mold in the house, I was able to donate most of the structure to Builders of Hope (http://www.buildersofhope.org/) who moved the house across town (after hauling it away intact!). Builders of Hope rehabbed the old structure in a green manner and then sold it. Leoneda Inge of WUNC came early the morning of the move to tape it and interview Nancy Welsh and me. I sat with my neighbors, Lisa and Randy Beebe, sipping mimosas as my house trundled down Van Dyke.

Fellow University Park neighbor Mark Robertson’s company Prime Building Company built my home.  I got Mark’s name from Mert and Nicoa Dunne.  Prime Building did a fantastic job. It is designed by Michaela Mahady and has a great open layout. Here is the link for the new house design: http://www.architecturalhouseplans.com/home_plans/231 The new house is actually situated on almost the exact same footprint as the original home, but instead of being 1.5 stories, the current house is two stories. My fiancé Ian and I share the house with our two dogs Benny and Bella, as well as my sister and her dog. However, this living situation is currently temporary as my sister plans on moving into her own house on … Van Dyke! We love the community in this neighborhood, as well as the close proximity to Cameron Village, NCSU, and downtown. We cannot imagine living anywhere else in Raleigh and feel very fortunate to live in University Park.

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