Reminder! Oct 2 UPHA General Membership Mtg

Dear UPHA Members,

Attached is the agenda for the upcoming general membership meeting on Tuesday, Oct 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ.

There will be a membership vote to establish UPHA’s positions on three development proposals:

Stanhope Center Amendments (MP-2-12). The Stanhope Center site is 7 acres divided into three parcels, A, B, and C at the intersection of Hillsborough St and Concord, near Cup-a-Joe. This requested Master Plan Amendment would increase the maximum building height on Parcel C, currently zoned for 40′ or 3 stories maximum, to a maximum height of 110′ or 9 stories. In addition, the proposal would shift the total remaining allowed residential density from parcels A and B to Parcel C. 520 residential units are proposed.  New 10/2! Project Exhibit added to committee report.

616 Oberlin (Z-35-12). This 2.9 acre site includes the existing one-story office building at 616 Oberlin and an apartment building at 615 Daniels St. The owner proposes to change the current zoning from R-20 and O&I-1 to O&I-2 CUD (Conditional Use District) with PBOD (Pedestrian Business Overlay District). The owner plans to construct an apartment building on the site.

Hillsborough St and Enterprise Ct (Z-36-12). The owner of this .95 acre site proposes to change the current zoning from R-20 and NB (Neighborhood Business) with PBOD to NB CUD with PBOD. The site currently contains several businesses, including Sadlack’s and Buddha’s Belly, as well as a house owned by the Latter Day Saints The owner plans to construct a hotel on the site.

Information on the three proposals can be found at:

UPHA committee reports can be found at:

Oct. 2 meeting agenda is located at:

Click to access oct-2-agenda.pdf

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Note that there will be an opportunity to join the UPHA at the meeting if you are not currently a member and would like to vote. Only members can vote.

Leza Mundt
807 Gardner St

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